About Open Government Partnership
Welcome to the Open Government Partnership, an organization of reformers inside and outside of government, working to transform how government serves its citizens.

In 2011, government leaders and civil society advocates came together to create a unique partnership—one that combines these powerful forces to promote accountable, responsive and inclusive governance.

Seventy-eight countries and a growing number of local governments—representing more than two billion people—along with thousands of civil society organizations are members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

What We Do

What we do

OGP aspires to support both government and civil society reformers by elevating open government to the highest levels of political discourse, providing ‘cover’ for difficult reforms, and creating a supportive community of like-minded reformers from countries around the world.

Who we are

OGP is overseen at the international level by a Steering Committee composed of representatives of governments and civil society organizations in equal numbers – a unique model that embodies the goal of civic participation.

Our Mission

OGP’s vision is that more governments become sustainably more transparent, more accountable, and more responsive to their own citizens, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of governance, as well as the quality of services that citizens receive.
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